Causal and laid back, we had a blast exploring downtown Lanesboro on a beautiful September Saturday. We ended the session with a gorgeous sunset on a friend’s farm.


Part One of Lexi’s Senior Session included a walk around Lanesboro on a gorgeous September Sunday capped off by sunset on a farm. Looking forward to Part Two in a few weeks when we explore Minneapolis/St. Paul.

JP & Amy

A small, simple wedding on a pitch perfect August afternoon.

Noah & Amy

A hot mid-September afternoon wedding capped off by a back yard BBQ at their home surrounded by friends and family.

Milky Way

Chasing the Milky Way on summer nights is one of my favorite things I do as a photographer. I don't get the opportunity to do it very often. Working an early morning job Monday - Friday leaves me with two nights a week to get out. But then I have to factor in the phase of the moon (can't shoot the Milky Way when the moon is bright and high in the sky) and the potential for an overcast forecast. So when the opportunity presents itself for me to get out and shoot the night sky, I gladly do it. 


I've always said that Lanesboro turns into a real life snowglobe during a snowstorm. A couple of late-season (re: April) blizzards offered plenty of fun photo opportunities. I was able to walk around town and not freeze to death. Our town is transformed with a bit of snow. 

South Dakota pt. 1

Surrounding the Badlands National Park is the Buffalo Gap National Grassland. Miles and miles of wide open prairie leading to the rugged badlands. There's something magical about standing in a sea of prairie grass on a warm summer evening with a gentle breeze blowing as the sun begins to set... nothing quite like it. 

Minnesota's North Coast in Winter

A very brief weekend trip to the North Shore yielded some excellent photo opportunities. The temperatures were forecasted to be barely above zero. We hiked to Shovel Point in Tettegouche State Park for sunset. With little to no wind, five degrees above zero seemed downright balmy. The air was crisp, Lake Superior was calm and there wasn't a cloud to be seen. The next morning, however, was quite different. Heavily overcast, a wicked wind was whipping off the lake and temps hovered around ten degrees below zero. It was brutally cold, but sometimes extreme conditions make for some of the best photographs. 


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